Child Custody

child-custody-attorney-princeton-rutlandChild custody issues can be difficult and complicated, especially during a messy divorce. There are a number of variables that can affect the determination of the custodial parent, including parenting skills, ability to parent, and the best interests of the child. This could put the child in the middle of a volatile situation.

Rutland Law understands the sensitive nature of child custody cases and handles them in a professional and discreet manner. From modifications to parenting plans, we provide counsel and representation on your behalf to establish the best environment for the child. We equip our clients with all the necessary information, resources and referrals needed to promote the best possible outcome in a custody proceeding.

There are a number of requirements and guidelines required by the state of Minnesota. We make sure our clients understand the ramifications of their actions, what is expected of them as a custodial parent, and how important it is to effectively communicate and share information with the other parent. When domestic violence is an issue, special care and caution must be taken to protect the safety of all family members. Our ultimate responsibility is to both the client and the children, ensuring that children are in a safe, stable, and loving environment. When complications in co-parenting occur, we work with opposing counsel and the courts to develop a viable solution for communication and parenting time, and step in when orders are being violated.

Get the counsel and assistance you need! There is nothing more important to protecting your parenting rights. For more information on the services we offer in but not limited to the following counties: Sherburne, Stearns, Benton, Mille Lacs, Isanti, and Greater Minnesota. Call Rutland Law.