Child Protection

child-protection-attorney-princeton-rutlandThere are times when children are put in harm’s way through no fault of their own, or during a divorce one parent can take malicious action against the other. When you have been falsely accused, or your children are harmed by the other parent, we are your best advocate. Rutland Law has extensive experience in working with child protective agencies to uncover facts and get your children back in your care. This is a detailed and intricate process that can quickly go awry without adequate representation.

When issues of domestic violence arise, we can quickly seek the court’s help in getting orders in place to provide protection for you and your children. You may feel that retaining an attorney to fight on your behalf may be too expensive, but we offer cost-effective solutions to handle your case and work on your behalf. There’s nothing more important than family, and having your children in your custody is worth more than you can ever imagine.

In issues of child protection, the courts look favorably upon parents who have representation to present all the facts in a clear and logical manner. It not only demonstrates you are fighting for your rights and the rights of your children, but you are also concerned with their welfare. You don’t want your children to ever become a product of the system. Once they are in, it can be very challenging to reverse. Let us help you keep your family unit intact! Rutland Law can serve all your needs and has the resources to get things done in a discreet and efficient manner.

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