Child Support

child-support-attorney-princeton-rutland-lawOnce a divorce is in process, the court will establish some form of child support for any minor children. Even if the parents are not married, child support is designed to assist in the care and upbringing of the child. In most cases, the support is paid by the non-custodial parent on a monthly or bi-monthly basis until the child reaches the age of an adult. There are instances where one parent refuses to pay, or the parent is not using the money for the interests of the child. In situations like this, having an attorney to present your case to the court is key.

When child support is determined, there may be changes in income or the original settlement. We will go before the judge as your advocate to present the facts and make sure fair judgments are made. During a divorce, child support can be delayed or held up, especially if there is a pending investigation on accountability of funds. Rutland Law works to get compensation to defray any costs that accrue in taking care of the minor children. Being proactive in these situations can assist in getting your case heard much faster than if you were representing yourself.

Don’t let the complications of a divorce or the inability of coming to a resolution between parents hinder the needs of your child. Having an attorney work on your behalf can make a huge difference in how things are handled going forward. It’s always best to put the needs of your child first.

Call Rutland Law for a consultation and assessment of your case. We can provide options that will assist you, even during a complicated and emotional time.For more information on the services we offer in but not limited to the following counties: Sherburne, Stearns, Benton, Mille Lacs, Isanti, and Greater Minnesota. Call Rutland Law.