Minnesota Family Attorney: Lisa Rutland

Having to experience the trauma of any legal action involving your family can be emotionality challenging, leaving deep scars within the family infrastructure. Having the right advocate to assist representing you, your rights and the best interest of your children can make the difference when you’re searching for a reasonable solution.

Rutland Law will assists clients in the areas of Child Custody, Child Protection, Child Support, Divorce, Step Parent Adoption and Estate Planning. Rutland Law takes pride in our work as an advocate for our clients, offering a fair and objective approach in every situation. Our clients are well informed on the entire process while we assess each case to consider options and craft a strategic defense that will assist in achieving favorable outcomes. Client satisfaction is our main priority, and our cost-effective solutions offer personalization, high standards and the utmost transparency and professionalism.

While you may feel that retaining the services of an attorney is too expensive, you should never represent yourself in the court of law. Rutland Law provides legal services in Sherburne, Stearns, Benton, Mille Lacs, Isanti, and Greater Minnesota and is committed to providing quality legal services at a reasonable price.

Let Lisa Rutland help you keep your interests protected! Complicated family matters can be lengthy and intricate. Lisa Rutland has the knowledge and resources available to defend your rights. Don’t ever feel you’re alone, because…

“At Rutland Law, everyone is family!”